Asado Rotisserie Barbeque

Asado Rotisserie Barbeque
  • Features powerful motor that drives the spit forks, capable of rotating up to 4kg of meat
  • A party sized barbeque cartridge (not included) can easily be stored in the holdall ready for rotisserie action
  • Complete with carry bag
  • Suitable for ages 18 years+

The Asado Rotisserie Barbeque has a powerful motor for driving the spit forks.  The spit forks are capable of holding up to 4kg of your favourite meat.  So instead of sticking to sausages and burgers why not roast a chicken for your BBQ – after all chicken is supposed to be much better for your health than greasy beef burgers!!

A party sized BBQ cartridge (which is not included) can easily be stored in the holdall with the torisserie.

The Asado Rotisserie Barbeque is highly transportable, anda serious piece of BBQIng kit.


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