OUTDOOR FREAKZ Outdoor Camping Tableware Cookware made of Stainless Steel, Picnic Dining Set

OUTDOOR FREAKZ Outdoor Camping Tableware Cookware made of Stainless Steel, Picnic Dining Set
  • CAMPING TABLEWARE – All you need for your outdoor activities: Plate/Bowl, Cup (300 mL), Cutlery Set (Knife, Fork, Spoon), Bottle and Can Opener
  • STAINLESS STEEL – Every part of this camping and outdoor tableware set is made of super strong stainless steel
  • SUPER STRONG – Thanks to the simple design and stainless steel this table ware set is made for eternity
  • EASY TO CLEAN – The mirror-polished surfaces are super easy to clean
  • ENJOY WILDERNESS – With this outdoor kitchenware, you do not have to worry about anything, from now on, everything is always available for eating and drinking.

The Ultimate Outdoor Tableware Set

If you like to go for outdoor activities, you want to concentrate on the nature.
With this stainless steel table set you can focus on the nature.
You do not have to worry aboutyour dinnerware, this stainless steel wonder is all you need!

– SUPER STRONG – Thanks to the robust processing, this tableware set is made for eternity. Think of the campfire stories, which your great-grandchildren will listen to with a soup from taken from this set!
– INFINITE PRIDE – Again and again a beautiful picture: Camper fight with the most sophisticated set of dishes, do not get it clean and annoy. You’ll be cool next to it, and with some fresh water you’ll be able to mirror yourself in the plate!
– LIVE THE NATURE – No more garbage dumpsters by disposable crockery!
– ALSO FOR OUTDOOR FREAKZ AT HOME – More and more OUTDOOR FREAKZ use this stainless steel tableware also at home!

Everything you need

You do not need another set of dishes, you get all you need with this set:

– Plate/bowl
– Cup, with handle, so also suitable for hot drinks
– Cutlery set: spoon, fork, knife and bottle / can opener

From us for you!

This is a product of “OUTDOOR FREAKZ”, made for you, people who love outdoor activities, to improve and simplify your outdoor life. All you have to do now is to enjoy the experience!

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