Songmics Garden Furniture Covers 200 × 160 × 70 cm Oxford 600D Patio Garden Table Chairs Protection GFC91G

Songmics Garden Furniture Covers 200 × 160 × 70 cm Oxford 600D Patio Garden Table Chairs Protection GFC91G
  • Multifunctional – This patio table cover will protect your swing chair from rain, snow, sunlight, dust and pollen when not in use and keeps your outdoor furniture in good shape
  • Sturdy and durable – From high quality 600 D PE coated oxford fabric, this garden furniture cover is waterproof, ultraviolet-proof and resistant to tearing. It has been tested by TUV Rheinland in Dec. 2016; the test result shows colour fastness to washing meets ISO 105-C06 standard and colour fastness to light meets ISO 105-B02 standard
  • Various size – 3 sizes are available, you can choose suitable one according to your furniture size
  • Easily fixed – Rust resistant metal eyelets around the edge with included string allows you to secure the cover firmly to stand up to strong winds and other poor outdoor conditions
  • Convenient storage – It is foldable, outfitted with a zippered bag to keep it conveniently stored when not in use

Trying to find the best way to keep your outdoor furniture looking like new?Songmics furniture set cover is your ideal choice! Made of high-quality oxford fabric, the durable cover is waterproof and can protect your furniture set from bird droppings, lime, dew and dirt. Even if the weather takes a turn for the worse, you can be sure that your outdoor furniture stay looking like new all year around. Easily remove and store when you are looking forward to a relaxing weekend or evening outside around your outdoor table and chair.

– To avoid humidity damaging your furniture, please remove the cover for air ventilation regularly.
– Make sure the furniture is dry before putting the cover over it.
– Please store your outdoor furniture in a cool dry place indoors when not in use. If it must stay outdoors, please cover and place it on a dry and protected floor or surface under a roof to prevent moisture and mildew from corroding the furniture. If you are not able to place the covered furniture under a roof, make sure that water can run off by tilting the furniture slightly. After a rain or snowfall, please wipe off excess water or snow, especially from flat surfaces.

Maintenance Guide:
To remove dust and stains from the furniture cover, please spray it with cold water (30°C) using a garden hose and wipe it with a soft, wet cloth. For hard to remove stains, wipe them with a sponge infused with neutral detergent and rinse with cold water.

Product Parameters:
– Material: PE coated oxford fabric (600 D)
– Colour: smoky grey
– Dimensions: 200 × 160 × 70 cm (W × D × H)

Shipping list:
– 1 x Furniture cover
– 1 x Oxford fabric bag

Lowest Price: £24.99
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