Nalgene ‘Multi Drink’ Bottle, unisex, Trinkflasche Multi-Drink, 0.6l, Verde (Grün), One Size

Nalgene 'Multi Drink' Bottle, unisex, Trinkflasche Multi-Drink, 0.6l, Verde (Grün), One Size
  • These water bottle combines different Verschluss and technology in a
  • The lid screws completely off you have a wide neck cap (53 mm) with all known benefits.
  • In addition, the small screw cap loop top (1.7 cm), a good drinking Dimension provides.
  • Perfect wird it out with the foldable Suction Brackets. We are sure you drinking using the built-in straw from the bottle without lifting.
  • Ideal for cycling, in the car or sports. The drinking nozzle is lockable to avoid accidental opening e.g. during transport.

This new water bottle combines various closure and drinking techniques in one. Removing the complete lid reveals a wide neck stopper (Ø 53 mm) with all the well known qualities, among which is a small screw stopper with a Loop-Top (Ø 1,7 cm) providing a sensible drinking size enhanced by an extractable nipple. With the integral straw one can drink without having to lift the bottle. Ideal for cyclists, in the car or during sports. The necks are lockable preventing accidental spillage. Tritan bottle and Polypropylene lid. As normal with Nalgene there is a fluid level indicator for the accurate mixing of mineral drinks etc. The way ahead…

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