Nalgene ‘Multi Drink’ Bottle, unisex, Trinkflasche Multi-Drink, 0.6l, Verde (Grün), One Size

Nalgene 'Multi Drink' Bottle, unisex, Trinkflasche Multi-Drink, 0.6l, Verde (Grün), One Size
  • These water bottle combines different Verschluss and technology in a
  • The lid screws completely off you have a wide neck cap (53 mm) with all known benefits.
  • In addition, the small screw cap loop top (1.7 cm), a good drinking Dimension provides.
  • Perfect wird it out with the foldable Suction Brackets. We are sure you drinking using the built-in straw from the bottle without lifting.
  • Ideal for cycling, in the car or sports. The drinking nozzle is lockable to avoid accidental opening e.g. during transport.

This new water bottle combines various closure and drinking techniques in one. Removing the complete lid reveals a wide neck stopper (Ø 53 mm) with all the well known qualities, among which is a small screw stopper with a Loop-Top (Ø 1,7 cm) providing a sensible drinking size enhanced by an extractable nipple. With the integral straw one can drink without having to lift the bottle. Ideal for cyclists, in the car or during sports. The necks are lockable preventing accidental spillage. Tritan bottle and Polypropylene lid. As normal with Nalgene there is a fluid level indicator for the accurate mixing of mineral drinks etc. The way ahead…

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[Brass Connectors] KooPower 50 ft Expandable Garden Hose Pipe with Multi Spray Water Gun (No Kink or Leak)

[Brass Connectors] KooPower 50 ft Expandable Garden Hose Pipe with Multi Spray Water Gun (No Kink or Leak)
  • EASY TO USE, STORE (EXPANDABLE) This revolutionary garden hose automatically expands up to 3 times its original length to 50 feet with water pressure (4kg=4Bar=0.4MPa) and then automatically contracts back to its original, easy to manage size when the water is turned off
  • NO TANGLES, NO HASSLES The kink-free design ensures that water flows freely, and makes our hose so much easier to store
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL, COMPATIBLE Standard connectors for compatibility with most spray nozzle attachments. 9 mode spray gun offers all the spray functions you need for garden, lawn and home
  • HIGHLY DURABLE Heavy-duty Metal Brass Connectors resist wear and tear such as cracking or corroding, giving you years of leak free use; Made with a 100 percent latex core, this environmentally friendly, nontoxic hose will last for years to come
  • GUARANTEE Produced under a strict Quality Inspection Protocol, we offer a 30 Day Money-Back guarantee along with a 14 Month Warranty

The lightweight KooPower WATER HOSE will eliminate the drudgery of using a heavy, bulky traditional hose on a clumsy reel, making watering your garden, washing your dog or cleaning your outdoor windows easier and faster.

1. Never again worry about twisting, kinking, knotting or other hassles when using your water hose.
2. Triples in size when water runs through it, allowing the hose to be small, compact and easy to store when not in use
3. Heavy duty brass connectors keep tight to the water spigot and to the optional spray gun; connectors are compatible with most spray guns

Nine Spray Effects
– Angle
– Center
– Cone
– Flat
– Full
– Jet
– Mist
– Shower
– Soaker
Easily rotate the head of the spray nozzle to adjust the settings.

External Factor for Leak Problem
1 Check if your spray nozzle fits with the hose properly. The hose connector is a universal standard.
2 The sprayer also should built in has a leak-proof washer, if not it may cause the leak problem.

Proper Storage and Use
1 When using the hose, try not to use at the highest flow rate if your pressure if your water pressure is strong
2 Don’t store the hose in the sun or with pressure in the hose. Completely drain prior to storage. Cover as necessary to protect from the sun or keep it shaded
3 During use try not to step on the pressurized hose and use caution so it does not get snagged or caught on a sharp object. Lay it out straight toward the area that you need to water
4 The valve may be a little tight the first time, please just use a spanner to try
5 The length it expands depends on the water pressure, so please ensure the enough press then it can expand to the full length.

Package Contents:
1x Nine modes spray gun
1x Knitted Fabric Material Hose
2x Female Connector Rubber Washer
2x Male Connector Rubber Washer
1x User Manual

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Allisandro Multi Usage Portable Outdoor Waterproof Blanket Picnic Camping Blanket Beach Mat for Dogs and Cat With Storage Bag BLACK

Allisandro Multi Usage Portable Outdoor Waterproof Blanket Picnic Camping Blanket Beach Mat for Dogs and Cat With Storage Bag BLACK
  • MULTI-USAGE: Perfect to serve as a beach blanket, outdoor picnic blanket, etc..
  • SUPERB MATERIAL: Made of high-quality wool and durable waterproof 900d oxford.
  • CONVENIENT&COMFORTABLE: Foldable into the storage bag and super soft to lay on and enjoy.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Easy to clean up with a cloth. Hand wash suggested, also machine washable.
  • Take this special blanket for camping and enjoy time with your family !

Package Size: 40*17*10 cm
Product Size: 100*80 cm
Material: 900d Ofxord & Wool
Weight: 480 g
Color: Black

This blanket is a perfect choice as camping, picnic, outdoor and indoor use.
It’s easy to carry, great for you to take it in the storage bag, and easy to clean up by shake of the sands and dirt and clean the back side with a cloth.
High-quality wool is super comfortable to lie on with your family and enjoy the time.

Thank you for your purchase in Allisandro. Allisandro aims to provide best pet supplies to make our pets live more comfortably and get the best care.
Our concept of the products is : To care our pets like care our babies, to make pet supplies with the quality of baby accessories.
We respect every idea from our dear customer for helping improving our products. We will not stop to design, update and make innovation while trying to find the best raw materials supplies.

We provide best After-sell Service, ANY problem please contact us and we will find you a best solution!

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